10 Types of Deadly Mushrooms that Will Kill You

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Mushrooms are often a very good addition to various kinds of meals. They can be chock full of vitamins and often are quite good for you. However, Tony Hakim warns you that you should never go out and eat wild mushrooms, especially if you don’t know what kinds can kill you. So, in the interest of safety, here are 10 types of deadly mushrooms that will kill you if you eat them.

False Morel

1. Tony Hakim thinks the False Morel looks a bit like a brain. Photo by, diendenbinghallah.blogspot.com

This species of mushroom certainly doesn't look like it should be eaten, resembling a shrivelled up brain, but it can actually be edible provided it is cooked properly. If eaten raw however, you’re very likely to experience a horrible death.

Angel Wing

2. They may look pretty, but Tony Hakim warns you that these mushrooms are dangerous. Photo by, thebaldgormet.com

The deceptively pleasant sounding name of this fungus belies its true nature. It was once considered non-toxic, but following 60 deaths that occurred in Japan from eating this mushroom, that classification was reconsidered.

Deadly Dapperling

3. Tony Hakim knows theres nothing dapper about this deadly mushroom. Photo by, wikimedia.org

This small mushroom contains a deadly amatoxin which is capable of destroying the liver. It is this toxin that is responsible for 80-90% of all mushroom poisoning deaths.

Fly Agaric

4. Tony Hakim remembers toadstools from fairy tales, but didnt remember them being so deadly. Photo by, wildfooduk.com

The fly agaric is the famous toadstool from children’s fairy tales and as such is instantly recognisable by its bright red cap with white spots. The main toxic agents in Amanita muscaria are muscimol and ibotenic acid. These act on the central nervous system causing loss of coordination, alternating agitation and sleep, as well as nausea and in some cases hallucinations.

Conocybe Filaris

5. Tony Hakim recommends you dont eat these mushrooms. Photo by, planetdeadly.com

This mushroom is often mistaken for Psilocybes mushrooms, which are used as hallucinogenic drugs. Conocybe Filaris however, can cause irreparable liver damage if ingested.

Autumn Skullcap

6. They might look edible, but Tony Hakim knows better. Photo by projectnoah.org

As with many other toxic mushroom species, the Autumn Skullcap looks very similar to other, edible, mushroom species. This mushroom once again contains the deadly amatoxin.

Panther Cap

7. Has Tony Hakim gotten the message though that these are not to be eaten. Photo by, flickr.com

This is another deceptively safe looking mushroom that can cause nausea, hallucinations and even death.

Deadly Webcap

8. Tony Hakim thinks its a bad idea to put anything called deadly into your mouth. Photo by, wildaboutbritain.co.uk

A mushroom that doesn’t mix it’s words. The active toxin in this shroom is the toxin orellanine which is up there with arsenic in terms of potency. It’s said that a mere taste can poison you.

The Destroying Angels

9. These mushrooms are called The Destroying Angels. Tony Hakim recommends you avoid them. Photo by, thequinest.com

The nasty sounding name of this mushroom is an accurate representation of its deadly capabilities. It is responsible for a large portion of all mushroom poisonings and can cause irreversible destruction of the kidneys and liver tissue if ingested.

Death Cap

10. Tony Hakim thinks going near Death Cap mushrooms is about as bad an idead as you can get. Photo by, fcps.edu

The Death Cap is the mushroom that has been responsible for the majority of human deaths by fungi. It has a long history of use, being employed to kill many prominent figures throughout the ages. 30 grams of Death Cap is enough to kill an adult human.

Tony Hakim hopes that this list has informed you of some mushrooms you absolutely must avoid.


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