Healthy Midnight Snack Ideas

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We all know that dinner is the last meal of the day. But sometimes, you need a late-night snack. And whilst it might be tempting to eat left over pizza or grab the ice cream and a spoon, that can be a diet-killer. Here at Tony Hakim Food Lovers, we’ve put together a list of our favourite healthy midnight snacks that taste great at any time of the day or night.

Something Quick

For those times when you want to make something quick on the spot, we’ve picked these six recipes. A lot of people crave sweet foods late at night, and whilst these are sweet, they have far less sugar and more health benefits than normal cakes, shakes and snacks.


Banana, Honey and Sultana Wraps


Red Fruit Salad and Yoghurt

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Avocado Smash


Peanut Butter Honey Yoghurt Dip


Blueberry and Granola Yoghurt Parfait


Chocolate Avocado Milkshake

Make Ahead

If you just like to have something you can grab when you get the munchies that won’t make you feel like sprinting to the gym, these recipes are perfect to make ahead, and keep on hand.


Carrot and Cumin Dip


Baked Tuna and Spinach Patties


Ambrosia Parfait


Midnight Brownies


Strawberry-Banana Four Ingredient Ice Cream


Mini Tomato and Mozzarella Tarts

Our tips?

  •         Fruit and honey do have sugar, so make sure you control your portion sizes. Flavoured yoghurts also include a lot of sugar, so go for the natural kind, or check out the nutritional information before you buy.
  •         Vegetables are amazing, and you should ideally have five serves per day. Adding a serve of veggies to your midnight snack is a great way to increase your intake, make something tasty and snack guilt free!
  •         Portion sizes matter – it’s called a ‘snack’ for a reason. Eat slowly, and make sure you have a drink (water or milk is ideal late at night) to go with it. If you are worried about how much you are eating, mini-versions of things are a great way to cut back.