Iconic New York Dishes

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New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. One of the most iconic cities in the world, it has had an amazing influence over all of western culture – especially food. Tony Hakim Food Lovers takes a look at some of the most iconic New York dishes.


New York Cheesecake

Possibly one of the creamiest and indulgent cheesecakes ever.


Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich

Katz’s Delicatessen has been operating since 1888, and is just as much a piece of NYC history as the sandwiches themselves.


Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate

For years, this dish has left us bamboozled. How could hot chocolate be frozen? Never the less, it looks pretty amazing!


Coney Island Hot Dog

The iconic image of a hot dog and relish originated at Coney Island, which is the perfect birth place for such a fun food.


Bagels – in every flavour and combination

Here at Tony Hakim Food Lovers, we are kind of addicted to bagels with salmon, and we salute NYC for bringing this combination to the mainstream.


New York Pizza by the Slice

Impossibly decadent to anyone outside of the US, where pizzas don’t reach such enormous sizes, the idea of buying pizza by the slice intrigues us. And it always looks amazing!