How to Survive on a Student’s Budget

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Survive on a Student’s BudgetIf you’ve ever lived away from home as a student, then you’ll know that it’s possibly the most interesting gastronomic period of your life. It’s a time where pizza and beer replace bread and water and you develop a cast iron constitution due to the sheer amount of junk entering your body. However, Tony Hakim knows that end of semester exams and poor diets don’t exactly mix, so in the interest in helping out those students out there, here is a guide on how to survive on a student’s budget.

Shop smart

When you’re a student, the overriding temptation is to go for the quickest, cheapest, easiest meals possible. This often means junk food and lots of it. However, devoting a smidgeon more thought into how you shop can have you eating better and saving money at the same time. Shopping at farmer’s markets for example is a guarantee to get fresh produce at prices cheaper than what you’ll pay at supermarkets.

Get creative

This is the true hallmark of student dining, those instances when money and prior planning have both escaped you and your only choice is to make do with what you have or go hungry. Creative student recipes have yielded both works of genius and utter abominations, never to be spoken of again. What you make in these instances is up to your imagination, but as an example try adding one fried egg to a bowl of top ramen and a dash of hot sauce. Hey presto, a meal fit for a king.

Freeze it

Remember that fresh produce I mentioned earlier? It’s a lot more likely to last longer if you freeze it. Amazing right? This is where something like bulk buying will come in handy, as you pay less in the long term and the result is meals that last for ages.

Sharing is caring

Working out an agreement with housemates or friends can be a godsend. Whether you agree to all pay for shopping, share cooking duties or eat up leftovers, cooperation is your best option for survival.

Have you got any patented recipes from your student days? What did you survive on? Tony Hakim is interested in hearing from you.



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