What sushi is good for me?

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Sushi is a great food, it’s versatile in that you can have it as a snack or have more for a whole meal. It feels fresh often having very organic components, this has led many people to believe that it is healthy lunch time option.

While this is true, in many cases there are instances where sushi really isn't the best thing for you. Tony Hakim Food Lover will look at some of the most common ingredients in everyone's favourite sushi and whether it’s really that good for you.

What sushi is good for me? via Tony Hakim Food Lover

Sushi is always a winner but did you know how good it was for you? Image via flickr.com

Fish is pretty much a standard with sushi, the whole concept behind sashimi is the idea of eating raw fish. Some of the most common in contemporary are tune, salmon or mackerel. Of these three fish the lowest in fat is mackerel, followed by salmon, with tuna being the fattiest. Considering this though tuna, compared with many other meats has relatively low fat, the biggest issue is that tuna often has high levels of mercury being a large apex predator.

What sushi is good for me? via Tony Hakim Food Lover

There are so many types of sushi it's always a tough choice. Photo via www.flickr.com

You might consider wasabi a throw-away condiment, the hot stuff for crazier sushi connoisseurs, but it is actually quite healthy. It has contents that are great for blood flow and an antibacterial that helps fight food poisoning.

What sushi is good for me? via Tony Hakim Food Lover

Sushi is great because of the freshness it so often attains. Image via flickr.com

It might seem obvious but one of the biggest no-no’s of the sushi world is tempura, just because the vegetable or meat itself is healthy doesn't mean you can just deep fry it without guilt, deep frying anything causes the fat content to rise.

What sushi is good for me? via Tony Hakim Food Lover

Sushi comes from ancient Japanese cooking traditions. Image via flickr.com

Edamame is a popular starting dish at many sushi restaurants and the good news is that if you like it, dig in! Edamame is not only a low calorie tasty vegetable but it contains high levels of protein and fibre, everything you need.

Soy sauce is often thought a must on sushi, well this might change things, because they should have called this product “sodium sauce.” While this sauce is mostly just soy beans, there are many other flavour enhancers added to make it delicious.

What sushi is good for me? via Tony Hakim Food Lover

Take note next time you visit your favourite sushi restaurant. Image via flickr.com

One of the main ingredients in sushi is rice, while rice isn't all that bad, it is often white rice. In more recent times, many restaurants have started to offer brown rice. This less processed grain has much more nutrients than its white counterpart.

Like with anything else enjoyable, we here at Tony Hakim Food Lover think its fine to eat any of the above ingredients, but be aware so you can moderate the naughtier ingredients.