About Tony Hakim

Tony Hakim is passionate about food; how it brings people together, excites our every sense and has become an art-form as much as a means of sustenance.

Whether cooking for his family, dining out at an extravagant restaurant or enjoying something cheap and cheerful , Tony Hakim relishes in the full experience of a meal.

This blog will share with readers tips on the culinary arts and celebrate great food through great imagery.

Amid a busy lifestyle, sharing a meal is often the only time families and friends can come together. Tony Hakim loves a home-cooked meal, often of the most simple foods: like pita bread, haloumi cheese, cucumber and tomatoes. Though some of Tony’s fondest memories are of enjoying an opulent meal, matched to fine wines  on a cruise ship traversing the clearest of blue waters.

This blog will celebrate the different cuisines from different cultures and relish the important role food plays in bringing us all a little closer together.